LEX & Finance professionals.

Lex & Finance is a firm composed of highly qualified professionals who are trusted by clients. Our primary mission is to ensure your success.

A Few Words About Our Company

The journey that led to the creation of the Lex & Finance team was systematic and marked by continuous determination at every step. Our goal is to create significant changes for each client, utilizing the support provided by our team of professionals.

Lex & Finance Legal Services

Lex & Finance offers a comprehensive range of legal services tailored to your unique needs. Whether it's navigating complex mergers and acquisitions, protecting intellectual property, or understanding the nuances of labor law, our experienced team of professionals strives to maintain the highest standards of legal expertise.

Our History

Starting from small steps and taking a long journey, we have been able to gain recognition and trust in the legal field, becoming a name to rely on.

January 2009 .

Formation and Specialization.

At this stage, the company was established by a small team of lawyers. Several specializations were determined, such as corporate law, real estate, and immigration law. The company actively worked on establishing relationships with its first clients and built its reputation based on successfully resolved cases.

October 2014.

Expansion and Development of the Client Base.

The company began to hire more lawyers to expand the range of services offered. A strategy was developed for attracting new clients and maintaining existing ones. The company began to serve large entrepreneurs and expanded its geographical area of operation.

May 2018.

Professionalization and Optimization.

The company strives to standardize and optimize business processes to ensure high quality of services and efficient management. Specialized departments are established to make the company operate more effectively. There is an expansion of knowledge and experience in the areas of specialization.

September 2020.

Expertise and Innovation.

The company actively develops its expertise in the chosen field and becomes a recognized authority. Investments are made in market research and innovative technologies to improve efficiency and competitiveness. Participation in professional communities, as well as the publication of articles and reports, helps to strengthen the reputation and attract new clients.

August 2023.

Recognition and Leadership.

The company becomes one of the leaders in its specialization, with a broad client base and an outstanding reputation. The company expands its geographical presence beyond the national market. It gains international recognition by participating in international projects and receiving invitations to significant industry events.