Insolvency proceedings

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Insolvency Process for Individuals and Legal Entities, and Contract Preparation and Analysis

Initiation of Insolvency Process:

  • When an individual or legal entity is unable to meet their financial obligations, they may initiate an insolvency procedure.

Creditor Listing:

  • At the beginning of the insolvency process, creditors must submit their claims against the debtor. These claims should be clear and supported by documents.

Debtor Asset Evaluation:

  • The insolvency process includes evaluating the debtor's assets to determine if there are sufficient assets to cover the debts. If not, asset liquidation and debt distribution among creditors may be necessary.

Insolvency Plan:

  • It is necessary to develop an insolvency plan, which specifies conditions for fulfilling the debtor's obligations and repaying debts.

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Contract Preparation and Analysis:

Contract Drafting:

  • Our services include preparing various contracts tailored to the specific needs of individuals and legal entities.

Contract Review and Analysis:

  • We provide a thorough review and analysis of contracts to ensure they are legally sound and protect our clients' interests.

The insolvency process and contract preparation are complex legal matters. Our experts can guide you through these processes, ensuring that your legal and financial interests are well-protected.