Consultation Services for Business Transactions in Sweden

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Consultation Services for Business Transactions in Sweden by Lex & Finance

If you are interested in consultations regarding business transactions in Sweden, the professionals at Lex & Finance can provide the necessary advice and assistance to conduct business activities in this country.

Company Registration

  • If you plan to establish a company in Sweden, we can assist with all necessary processes to register the company and obtain all required licenses and permissions.

Contract Drafting and Review:

  • A lawyer can assist with drafting and reviewing contracts related to trade, employment, lease agreements, partnerships, and other transactions.

Tax and Fiscal Issues:

  • We offer assistance in tax matters and fiscal planning related to your business activities in Sweden.

Cross-border Transactions:

  • If you are conducting transactions between Sweden and other countries, we can provide advice on international laws and structuring transactions.

Specific Swedish Tax Regulations:

  • F-Tax: The Swedish parliament implemented changes to tax laws effective from January 1, 2021, to ensure equality between Swedish and foreign service providers. The new rules stipulate that a Swedish company must withhold a provisional tax of 30% on payments to foreign companies for work done in Sweden, unless the foreign company is registered for F-tax (F-tax) in the Skatteverket system. To register for F-tax, legal entities must prove with a tax debt certificate from the Revenue Service, no older than three months, that the company has no debts in the country where it was established. Registering for F-tax alone, without establishing a company in Sweden, means that the services provided by the company in Sweden will not be subject to tax. Lex & Finance specialists will provide consultation and support in these matters.
  • SINK: "SINK" in Swedish stands for "Särskild Inkomstskatt för utomlands bosatta," which translates to "Special Income Tax for Foreign Residents" in English. SINK is a Swedish tax regime intended for individuals who are not Swedish tax residents but earn income in Sweden. It primarily applies to foreign residents or non-residents who derive income from specific Swedish sources, such as employment or other activities.

It's important to note that SINK is not applicable to all foreign residents but is mainly intended for individuals working temporarily in Sweden or earning certain types of income. The application of SINK can also be influenced by tax treaties between Sweden and other countries. Contact our specialists to learn more.

Employee Registration in Swedish Registers:

  • Assistance with registering employees in Swedish records, ensuring compliance with local employment laws and regulations.