Residence Permits

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  • The right to live and reside in the European Union;
  • Simultaneously obtain a residence permit for family members;
  • Free movement within the territory of the European Union;
  • Availability of various social guarantees.

Opportunities to request a residence permit based on:

Employment: or an employment contract;

  • An individual registered in the commercial register as a member of a personal company, with the right to represent the personal company, a board member, council member, proxy, administrator, liquidator, or a person authorized to represent a merchant (foreign merchant) in activities related to a branch;
  • Service provider;
  • Employment contract or company contract;
  • Employee transferred within the company;
  • Creation or development of an innovative product (activity in a start-up).


  • Investment in the share capital of a capital company;
  • Real estate owner;
  • Financial investments in a Latvian credit institution;
  • Securities investor.

Studies and research:

  • Studies at an accredited university;
  • Education at an accredited educational establishment;
  • An individual after completing a study or research project;
  • Mutual scientific cooperation.