Medical tourism

A dazzling smile and healthy teeth are not just beautiful. Today it is an obligatory attribute of a successful, confident person. But unfortunately, high-quality services of dentists cannot afford, and you have to postpone visits or go for budget compromises to the detriment of quality. 

One of the services of LEX GOLD is medical tourism: we offer you to help get your smile back in the best dental clinics in Ukraine using modern innovative methods. 

The clinics are equipped with the latest and high-quality equipments, certified dentists use the best materials. We also recommend laser-based techniques, which in many ways surpass conventional methods of treatment. 

  • laser surgery
  • laser implantation
  • prevention and treatment of teeth
  • prosthetics
  • aesthetic dentistry
  • treatment of periodontal disease and gum disease
  • computer anesthesia
  • computerized endodontic treatment
  • 3D computed tomography 


The ROOTT implant dental system makes it possible to reliably and simply repair missing teeth, replacing them with strong and no less natural ones. 


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