Accountancy Services

Tax legislation changes frequently, occasionally the lack of knowledge of some issues leads to financial losses. Lex Finance is capable to start your competent bookkeeping, while You could concentrate on productive activities of your company.

Lex Finance offers the following full range of services:

• examination, processing and registration of documents;
• compilation of monthly statements and their submission to state institutions (State Revenue Service, Statistical Department and others);
• preparation of annual statements;
• record keeping activities and personnel records;
• analysis of enterprise activities.

The search of professionally qualified accountant and the equipping its workplace requires a lot of time and money. Lex Finance offers you to save a substantial sum of money on accounting services.

You will acquire the following with us:
• qualified staff, the leaves and diseases of which will not prevent your work;
• savings on the salary and payroll taxes of staff members;
• absence of necessity for purchase of expensive accounting programs;
• employees of our company undergo permanently advanced training;
• individually developed accounting policy.


Lex Finance offers consultations on accounting and tax issues, and, if necessary, will represent your enterprise in State Revenue Service.
By means of Lex Finance your bookkeeping will comply with all the legislative regulation of the Republic of Latvia and the EU requirements, and everything will be fulfilled accurately and in due time.


Accountancy Services pricing

Non-active No employees No transactions from 70 EUR/ p.m.
Micro  1 employee up till 30 transactions from 100 EUR/ p.m.
Start    2 employees up till 60 transactions from 120 EUR/ p.m.
Active up till 4 employees and 100 transactions from 150 EUR/ p.m.
Business 6-8 employess, up till 150 transactions from 250 EUR/ p.m.
Large from 8 employess and 200 transactions from 380 EUR/ p.m.